Dahlak Jewelry

Welcome to Dahlak Jewelry!

Welcome to Dahlak Jewelry! 

The founder and manger of Dahlak Jewelry is Melake Keleta. Melake Keleta has worked with jewelry for over 15 years. Dahlak Jewelry is the finest quality of jewelry in the world. We’ve been in service for over 10 years.  Our jewelry is particularly imported from countries that specialize in such resources. We specialize in Gold and Silver . Most of these styles are but not limited to East African, Middle Eastern styles. We welcome any special orders and are open to any suggestions.  Please take a moment to view pictures of our products.

 To place an order in any of these product, or any questions you may have please call or write to us.

 Thank you for your interests in Dahlak Jewelry!



Melake Keleta

(510) 706-0877




Fiyori Melake

(510) 544-9966


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  • "The service I received fromDahlak Jewelry was above any customer service I have ever received. They were very understanding to my needs which made the end product extremely sat..."
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